A man in Las Vegas is in knead of a little help after he checked his trash to find over 100 pounds of still-wrapped bread loaves dumped on his property.


Putting the Wonder in Wonderbread

According to 8NewsNow, Curtis Dennis, a Henderson local who works for a funeral casket supplier, made the startling discovery after one of his workers reported the massive mound overflowing the dumpsters. The casket supplier had become a kind burial ground for the loaves after the Henderson Police were called to investigate the illegal dumping. To get an understanding of the scale of this naansense, check out the full story here.


Construction Dumpster isolated on white background. 3D render
An entire one of these is full of bread loaves. / Nerthuz


However, Dennis was unable to get outside help in removing the bullish buns from his property. Despite finding a Kroger delivery slip among the pile, he unfortunately met a dead-end when trying to get in touch with Kroger. The police took the slip but did not assist further. Not even Republic Waste Services who usually collects the trash will take it.


Dennis just wants to be gluten-free.

"There's been illegal dumping at my place before...but I don't know what i'm going to do with all this bread. I can't just take it to the dump, it's food."


Wanting it scone

What makes things worse is that even though he did not make the mess, he may be found liable by the city for not taking care of it. The City of Henderson responded to 8newnow and said that it is the "responsibility" of the property owner to clean the mess up since it is on their property, or they risk violating city code.


Sliced bread in a plastic bag on white surface.


Dennis recently learned the load was left by a disgruntled employee who did not want to properly dispose of the expired bread, so he dumped it. Thankfully, Dennis did receive help in removing the bread before it all molded, but the entire endeavor was enough to leave anyone in a sourdough mood.


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