Hi Idiots! Today we did another round of It's My List! where we all make a list and defend our opinions about whatever we're making a list about. Today, we made a list of things that are bad, but not horrific. So things that are not good and can inconvenience you, but aren't enough to ruin your life (mostly).


We have quite a few things to cover, so let's hop right into it.

Free Beer

  • Wet socks
    • There is no worse feeling than having a sloshy, heavy wet step that reminds you that your socks are wet with every step
  • Healthcare/Insurance
    • Has it become a necessary evil? Yes. However, it is overly complicated to get the healthcare help you need and can make your hospital visit worse.
  • Mosquitos 
    • Disease-carrying, bump-inducing little monsters. There are no benefits from these insects except to be eaten by other creatures.


Photo by Cameron Webb on Unsplash
Photo by Cameron Webb on Unsplash


Hot Wings

  • Shingles
    • I had to look up a picture of this to double-check that it was what I thought it was. I was right. Do yourself a favor and don't do what I did.
  • Finding out that your bully ended up having a successful and great life when you wanted his life to be terrible.
    • Sometimes good things happen to bad people, even if they don't deserve it.
  • Toothpaste in your eye
    • A very niche issue with lots of burning. I actually support this last issue.
Photo by 莎莉 彭 on Unsplash
Photo by 莎莉 彭 on Unsplash


  • Walking in on your parents having sex
    • Yeah, this is borderline horrific, and Hot Wings didn't make it better when he added: "Unless they're hot".
  • Seeing an animal eating another animal
    • The circle of life. It's easy to forget the less cozy parts of animals.
  • Break a foot and it is never the same, but it is still usable
    • I have always said the most infuriating things are the minor inconveniences. Having a foot that is healed but isn't quite healed would be very annoying.


Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash
Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash


  • Almost choking, they like turning purple but they didn't die
    • Hilarious. A disaster that almost happened, and then things were immediately fine.
  • Abortion
  • When babies fall into pools but don't drown
    • Fun fact: babies instinctually hold their breath when they go underwater.
  • Honorable Mention: When an automatic toilet starts flushing while you're still sitting on it and it splashes you
    • This classifies as horrific, I'm calling it. Like, your pants are down and you're stranded on a toilet. What are you going to do? You aren't really able to escape it.



  • Jellyfish sting
  • Fender bender
    • When you get in an accident, you can get concern from others. When you get in a fender bender, it's just embarrassing and frustrating.
  • UTI
    • So real. A UTI is one of the most unpleasant experiences a person can have. You just hurt until it passes.


Auto accident involving two cars on a city street



  • Cardboard cuts
    • Paper cuts stink, but a cardboard cut is worse. The cardboard has those slightly jagged edges that just make things hurt more.
  • Hand sanitizer surprise
    • You know when you put hand sanitizer on and it suddenly burns and you realize you have a cut on your hand you didn't know about? It's weirdly satisfying in a hurtful way.
  • Flights being delayed
    • A flight being delayed can be very very inconvenient, but it isn't the end of the world.
  • Honorable Mention: Funny bone
    • Something that has the word "funny" in it instantly downplays the danger. Hitting your funny bone is similar to the automatic toilet splash where you'll be fine but it will stink the moment.
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


Do you agree or disagree with our lists? Let us know.


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