Howie Mandel has been a gem of a man for as long as I remember. I grew up watching him on America's Got Talent, fell in love with his odd TikToks during quarantine, and now I'm learning he has taken the route of every man in America and hosts a podcast.


You'd think that if someone was going to be a guest on a podcast, they would decide before they got there whether they wanted to be on said podcast. However, it seems Dana White did not get that memo, and created the wildest first minute of a podcast in history.


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Dana Storms Off

It starts with Howie introducing the other guest, a comedian named Ginger Billy, and Howie reveals he was able to get Dana White on last minute. Howie was talking up Dana before the camera panned to him and you could tell he looked pretty disgruntled.


Howie had this to say:

“Dana White, you are an amazing guy. I can’t thank you enough for being here. ... You are not only an amazing businessman, you are an inspiration, you are a philosopher, the way you do business, the way you conduct your business and your friendships and media, I’m jealous. I can’t thank you enough for being here.”


Pretty nice right? Dana may not have seen it that way, because he responds with one sentence before getting up and storming out of the studio,


“Thank you for all the kind words, I appreciate it. I am so f-ing tired of doing podcasts. I am literally done with them. I am not doing any more podcasts.”


He meant that very literally. He leaves Howie and his co-host daughter Jackelyn Schultz shocked, jaws fully dropped, as he walks in front of them and out of the door. Ginger Billy is just wide-eyed; the poor guy is a guest on a show and has one of the most well-known faces in the fighting scene up and leave on him. Where do you go from there? To Howie's credit, he doesn't skip a beat. You can watch the clip for yourself below.