Hi Idiots.

The following statement I am about to make may shock or appall you: I have only just started watching "Friends". My friend and I have embarked on the grand quest to watch all 10 seasons. Let me tell you, I have always wondered what the hype was with this show, and the hype is partly why I'm only now starting. We're wrapping up season 1 and it is taking everything in me to be a good friend and not watch without them.


But it got me thinking. Do you know what other group is very reminiscent of this one? You guessed it!


While I have only seen season 1, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on each of the character's staple personalities and quirks. If you don't agree, tough! (or let us know who you think is a better choice)


Free Beer

The leader of our silly group. Who is charismatic, funny, and finds ways to put himself in obscene situations to the delight of his friends? Joey, of course. Joey is open to trying anything, especially if he has an audience. He's also very optimistic and cares about his friends. Doesn't that sound like Free Beer? A funny guy who stumbles into embarrassing situations, or willingly embarrasses himself. Sometimes Free Beer struggles to get words out (have you heard him trying to say usually?), but the only words that we want to hear come from him: hey, how you doin'?


Joey from "Friends".



This was the easiest choice for anyone. Kelly is soooo Phoebe. Phoebe is eccentric and quirky. Her lived experiences are so random and out there that half the time she'll tell a story or make a quick comment about something that just makes you double-take and have to re-process what she just said. If that isn't Kelly then I don't know what is.

As I've gotten to know Kelly and hear old clips, she'll tell stories that sound made up because of how ridiculous they are or will sneak a quick comment in that you go, wait what?  Phoebe I think has some stellar one-liners, and Kelly does that too.


Phoebe in "Friends"


Hot Wings

I'd like to put Chandler and Hot Wings in a room together and see what happens. Chandler has that dry, sarcastic way about him that oozes with Hot Wings energy. Chandler always delivers those classic one-liners that I think Hot Wings is known for delivering. Chandler is witty and you can always rely on him to say something that will keep the conversation flowing. Whether it be a Hot Take or a quick comment, Hot Wings always knows what to say at the right time.


Chandler from "Friends"



Maitlynn and Monica I think would happily get coffee together and have a great time doing it. They're both bubbly people with a competitive streak. Monica has a very sharp wit and has some of the best comebacks of anyone in the group. I also think they're both very caring and look after their friends. Monica will go to great lengths to defend and stand up for her friends, and I can see Maitlynn doing the same.


Monica from "Friends"



Now Steve, bear with me on this because I think there are more similarities here than you'd like. You're Ross, and I'd take that as a compliment! Ross is very smart and passionate about dinosaurs (your dinosaur equivalent is your handiwork, probably). He's curious and serves as the voice of reason within the group. Steve, I think you also serve that function among the group. Free Beer or Hot Wings can go on a tangent but you're there to keep things on track.


Ross from "Friends"


No shade to Rachel, we just don't have enough people for Rachel. Unless...I'm Rachel, which is possible. Oh my god!



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