Hi Idiots.


We all have guilty pleasures, right? Maybe it's you secretly really like Taylor Swift or don't there's a type of TikTok you have no right enjoying but can't help but find yourself watching when you're doomscrolling in the middle of the night. Whatever that is for you, we here on the show usually openly share what we're indulging in.


But even we have things we like that we don't openly discuss. For me (Tommy, Hi), I spend an obscene amount of time scrolling down the r/AmITheA**hole subreddit. I'm not sure if it is just that I'm super nosy and like hearing about the strange problems people are facing, or that I'm shocked people are taking their arguments to be decided by random strangers online. Either way, I'm invested and only feel a little bad about it.




But what about the other show members? Let's get into it.


Free Beer

Free Beer named quite a few things he is embarrassed to be a fan of, but it could be much worse. Having gone to the WWE when it was in Michigan, I cannot fault you for liking wrestling. That was a stupid fun time.

Lots of things. The music that I like, I play video games too much, I still low key like wrestling. I'm quite a dork.


WrestleMania 40
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Kelly's guilty pleasure is wildly niche, to the point I had to look it up. She said her guilty pleasure is the Disney film Zenon Girl of the 21st Century. Here is the trailer for that if you're as clueless as me. This movie screams Kelly and we all know she is not embarrassed about this.


Hot Wings

I'm gonna let him speak for himself on this one. I think Hot Wings would absolutely nail a Barry Manilow in karaoke.

The closest  come to embarrassment is how much I enjoy 70's era easy listening music by people such as Barry Manilow and Neil diamond et al, but that doesn't really embarass me because it's great music.




Maitlynn, too, was sort of all over the place and I had to do some googling for part of this. For context, Nickelback and Creed are considered butt rock, which makes total sense. Also, Bratz Rock Angelz looks...wild. Please listen to this soundtrack.

I embarassed to enjoy nicotine but also butt rock bands like Hinder, Bratz dolls and all the Bratz movies. Specifically, Bratz Rock Angelz (movie AND soundtrack).




Finally is Steve who had three simple words.

Dr. Pimple Popper

For sanity's sake, I'm not going to include a video of this, but I'm sure everyone gets the idea here.


Unhappy beautiful Asian woman popping pimple on her cheek


What are your guilty pleasures? Let us know!

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