Hi Idiots, we owe you a thank you today.

A thank you to everyone who is a Fancy Idiot or has donated to our Idiots for Underdogs charity. For those who don't know, all the funds earned from Fancy Idiot memberships go to our Idiots for Underdogs fund so we can help good people who just need an extra hand.

Today was one of those days.

Meet Mylah Mae

From the GoFundMe page, Mylah is an adorable, very tall 3-year-old who has autism (she's been in 5T clothes since last fall). Her above-average height has led to some scares where she has fallen out of her crib, and while thankfully she has never been hurt, her parents believe it is only a matter of time. They have tried multiple modifications to her crib to try to keep her safe, but the only solid solution they have found was getting a Cubby Bed. A cubby bed is a durable bed with enclosed sides and a video monitor.

From Cubby Bed
From Cubby Bed

However, these are not cheap, costing a whopping $9000. John and Ashley Leeuw, Mylah's parents, are a single-income household so one of them can take care of Mylah. The cost of the bed is too much, and after months of back and forth with insurance, they have been told insurance cannot cover it. They have run out of options and need help.

John Won More Than Just Trivia

Mylah's father John, one of our Fancy Idiot members, took to the fan-run Facebook page Segment 18 to share a GoFundMe he created. Kelly saw the post and decided Mylah's situation was perfect for Idiots for Underdogs, the show's charity, to throw our support at. All that was left was to deliver the news to John. But of course, just calling him up out of the blue was too easy, so we set up a scheme to get John on the show without tipping him off.

Every Thursday is Idiot Trivia Day, where members of the Idiot Club are able to get a first crack at participating in trivia or any games we play that day. We pretended John was just playing a routine game of Dumber Than The Show against Kelly, and not only did he actually win, but Mylah did too. Check out the reveal as it happened live.


Before the donation was made, the GoFundMe was at $1,900. We are thrilled to say that since our donation, the page has blown past the original goal and now sits at $12,000. Our community is absolutely incredible, and we are touched by the response and outpouring of support from everyone.

If you would like to donate or read up on Mylah's story yourself, you can here. Any excess funds will go towards Mylah's therapies and any future goals.

If you want to become a member of the show so we can contribute to more people in need like the Leeuws, you can join the Idiot Club here.