One of the best parts about this show is how the webcams and the show overlap, giving a visual presence to a show that is predominantly heard only via audio. Many of our best moments you may have heard during the show before, but you may not have seen them before.


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Going through the account I saw so much I'd never heard before, and it was cool seeing how everyone has changed (Kelly used to have green hair!? so cool). So here are the five most viewed TikTok videos on our page:

322.3k - Have you ever smelled moth balls?

This was such a quick and stupid joke that it almost makes sense that it has risen to the top of the FBHW echelons. Take that, Steve.



282.3k - The Two-Word Rhyming Game

This is a clip I've heard plenty of times in the studio but had never seen, so that was fun to have that new layer to it. Maitlynn ate with this rhyme.


131.8k - Loofa Code

Loofa code. Amazingly, I have also seen these loofas connected to a car before but figured it was just people being weird. I had no idea there was lore to the loofas, let alone that the loofas meant what they did. The temptation to start putting loofas on people's cars is real...


101.8k - Boomers love ___

What do boomers love? Quite a few things apparently, according to our crew of certified boomer experts.

99.2k - DTTS: The One Where Everyone Sucks

This was just the most despicable showing by a contestant and a show member in Dumber Than The Show, like truly awful. I'm glad this has as many views as it does so everyone has a baseline.


These are the top 5 TikToks on our page. What kind of content do you want to see going forward? Let us know!

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