Hi Idiots,


I don't have much of an explanation for this one. Do you ever see those photos of animals and you're just like oh that is sooo this person? Like how this picture of a Lesula monkey is Jake Gyllenhaal? Yeah, that was the idea behind this.


Before I get fully into this, I want to get out of the way that these selections are not based on looks. It is purely based on vibes. I hope you all understand.


These selections come from scrolling through weird animal lists like this one from Fact Animal or this one by Reader's Digest. It was really more of a gut feeling than anything.


Hot Wings: Dugong




This is the dugong, a marine mammal sometimes referred to as a "sea cow". I think that the long face this guy makes is very Hot Wings in the way that this dude would totally complain about Kleenex box designs, you know?


Kelly: Aye-Aye




This curious little guy is called an Aye-Aye, and it is the only primate that uses echolocation. The eyes on this guy give deer in the headlights, which I've definitely seen Kelly make that face before. Like in this TikTok at the 48-second mark.



Steve: Axolotl


Close-up of an axolotl. Mexican ambistoma.
Iva Dimova


The axolotl is a salamander that is always smiling. Steve is always in a chipper mood or knows how to make a quick joke to make other people smile and I appreciate that. The axolotl is just a little guy.

Silly salamander.


Maitlynn: Irrawaddy Dolphin


Irrawaddy dolphin swimming in ocean.


The Irrawaddy Dolphin is a dolphin with a short round head unlike the iconic bottlenose dolphin most people know. This dude looks like she is full of mischief but is also carefree and goes with the flow. The way it is chillaxing on its back just gives Maitlynn to me.


Free Beer: Proboscis Monkey


Joko Prasetyo
Joko Prasetyo


Haha, proboscis face.


Are there any other animals that give off FBHW energy? Let me know. 


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