We may be entering the off-season for Football after Taylor Swift the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, but there is one version of Football that is still going strong and could take on Football as the next great sport.


Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Football On Ice

Today, we watched a clip of what may be the best variation of football that has been seen to date. Coming all the way from Germany, this version of football takes place on ICE in a normal hockey arena. However, while hockey players wear skates to glide around the ice, players in Ice Football do not. The point of this sport is to not be graceful - and it is a hell of a thing to watch.



The basics of the game are very similar to football. Players wear pads, they line up like a normal football play (even the rink has yardage markers along it), and if they score in the endzone they have to kick a field goal. However, mind you, players are attempting to not slip the entire time and it absolutely hilarious to witness.



I sincerely hope this version of Football finds its way over to America. It doesn't have to be a major league sport, but if this was something I could go watch on a weeknight at a local arena, I think that would be absolutely perfect. I mean, just look at that clip: the place is practically sold out.


This is the sport America needs.


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