We all know the phrase "finder's keepers, losers weepers". But what if the founder wanted to return the item they found, and the loser wanted nothing to do with it? This is the dilemma a man in Maine is facing after he found a wedding ring.


Man using a metal detector on a beach
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Metal detectors are a unique bunch. You hear stories all the time of people finding something rare and selling it for a bunch of money, or someone finding a lost item and reuniting the owner with something they thought they'd never see again. That was what was going through Scott Mannke's head when he found a tungsten ring by a river.


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After noticing the ring had writing on the inside from what looked like a set of initials and a date, he chose to clean it up and try and find the original owner rather than sell it. After posting the ring online, he eventually received a message from a woman claiming that was her ring.


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash


After quizzing the woman on the date and the initials inside the ring, Scott was absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of reuniting such an important item with a happy couple. Unfortunately, that's not quite how it played out. The woman responded to Scott's meetup request with


it’s my ex-husband’s and he tossed in the river, apparently... It’s nice to know he tossed it in the river.


Yeah, plot twist. The ring wasn't lost so much as it was egregiously and vengefully discarded into a river never seen to be seen again, drowning everything the ring represented inside the currents of a river. Oops. Mannke is planning to sell the ring now that his mission has been partially accomplished. You can view the ring here.


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