Hi Idiots

The hsouw hoas soem --- Sorry there was sunscreen on my hands, let me try again. The show has some wonderful news (for us) - we're on vacation until July 8th! No segment 17 today, we're all signing off until further notice.


We've been going hard since the beginning of the year. Since then, we've had live shows in six different states and are ready to relax a bit.

Michael Buck
Michael Buck

Free Beer and Hot Wings (and honestly all of us) are looking forward to getting up without an alarm when the sun is up rather than practically nighttime. FB has a variety of things planned with Kayla and the boys, while Hot Wings doesn't have any actual plans and is looking forward to having an open schedule.


hand holding smartphone and headset when sleeping on bed


Steve and Kelly are both doing some traveling. Kelly is taking Muffin with her back to visit her family back in Georgia. She's going to "squeeze grandma cheese extra hard, help out around the farm, and then go to South Carolina." Meanwhile, Steve is hanging out locally for a while and ending his vacay by going away with his wife for a lil R&R.


Portrait of black yawning horse


Lastly, Maitlynn is also planning to just chillax. She is going to yet another wedding and catching up with friends and family.


Wedding bouquet of white orchids and shoes.


As for me, I'll be here, doing what I usually do. Relaxing, writing things, and sleeping. A lot. Boy do I love napping.


As a reminder, we'll be running Best Of for the entirety of our break, so there will still be content for you to listen to (we're so kind).


See ya later!

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