Hi Idiots,

If we haven't met allow me to say: howdy! I'm Tommy, the new producer on the show. If you've called into the show before (or if I've turned you down from DTTS trivia), we may have spoken, but if this is your first time hearing from me, it's a pleasure to meet you. I promise I'll stop introducing myself soon.


Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media
Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media


As I've become more comfortable with the show, I've been learning about the little running gags and inside jokes that run around the not-so-round table, as well as on social media. We had our first live show of the season last week (and also my first day of running the board while a live show was going on) and it was really fun! But there was one phrase I kept hearing from the crowd that had me rather stumped:


"Greggy wooooot!"


Now, I've seen that there is merch of this phrase as well. But what IS Greggy Woot? Where did it come from? Why is ol' Greggy wooting?



This has been the only greggy-woot-related content I've found (if someone owns this shirt please show me in the comments or DM me on Instagram- we must prove Free Beer wrong). So I have come to all of you for assistance. Please help me understand the origins of Greggy Woot and why it has become a battle cry for all the Idiots out there.


We are quickly getting close to our next live show and I need to know how to annoy  talk to Free Beer during the event.


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