We've all been there. You're on a long flight and you just can't hold your business anymore. You look up at the bathroom light and to your dismay, someone is already using the lavatory. Now imagine you're on a flight where that light is on...the entire flight.

Photo of an airplane lavatory sign
Airplane lavatory sign / courtesy of Canva

Recently, a gentleman on an hour and 45-minute flight was in the lavatory for nearly the whole flight. It wasn't his bladder that kept him there; he was stuck on a seat that he was not assigned after he discovered the door would not unlock. The flight crew was alerted to the man's plight and attempted to open the door but were unsuccessful.

Picture of a flight attendant
Photo by Lukas Souza on Unsplash

In an attempt to communicate with the hostage without alerting the other passengers, the flight crew slid a note under the door to inform him that they could not get the door open and coached him on how to get in position for a safe landing. If you want to see a photo of the note you can view it here, otherwise the note reads:

"Sir we tried our best to open the door, however we could not open. Do not panic, we are landing in a few mins, so please close the comode lid and sit on it and secure urself. As soon as the main door is open, engineer will come. Do not panic."

Upon landing, engineers boarded the plane and broke the door open, freeing the passenger. The airliner has since released a statement claiming the passenger received "immediate medical attention" and provided the man with a full refund. However, the man claims this did not happen despite receiving injuries during the landing. He has since released a video of his potty prison that you can see below.


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