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In case you missed it, Idiots for Underdogs was able to provide a Fancy Idiot's family with a donation to help reach the goal on their GoFundMe. A very tall 3-year-old with autism named Mylah Mae needed a special bed that would be able to keep her safe in her crib. We surprised John, Mylah's father, live on-air in a very emotional and magical moment. If you missed it, you can watch the clip below.



Almost immediately upon this moment going on the airwaves, one of the DJs on another station popped his head into my booth and said "Did you guys just make a donation or something? FOX 17 just emailed me asking for an interview", which made me chuckle. Two of our local news stations, FOX 17 and WZZM 13, reached out requesting interviews about the story.


This was a very cool opportunity as it allowed us to get to know Mylah's family and home better. John and Ashley, Mylah's mom, also opened their doors to the stations so they could conduct their own stories, and both published great stories about the matter. Both of the stories are viewable at the bottom of this article.


Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media
Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media


On top of this, we were also joined by none other than John and Ashley in the studio today! We did not know or speak to the Leeuws before we donated, so being able to properly meet them and have them join us during the show was a privilege. They are lovely people and it adds an extra layer of appreciation when genuine, good people get the help they deserve. Mylah Mae wasn't here today, but we sent our love to her via her parents.


John and Ashley, it was great to have you join us today.

Idiots, we would not have been able to do this without you. So once more, thank you to you!


FOX 17:



WZZM 13:


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