When you were in school, did your teacher ever have you write letters to send to people serving in the military? I know I have written a handful of the years, but none of the ones I wrote came anywhere close to the unfiltered absurdity only a child can get away with.


Photo by Scandinavian Backlash on Unsplash
Photo by Scandinavian Backlash on Unsplash


The Thought That Counts

Veteran Pat Loller, who currently has 1.2 million followers on TikTok, recently shared some of the letters he received over a decade ago while serving overseas. From the start, Pat sets the stage for what sounds like a total trainwreck:

"These things would be so entertaining that we would get excited when the bag arrived..we'd pull the letters out and do dramatic readings."


Not the expected reaction to children taking the time to write letters to a soldier far away that they do not know. Once Pat starts reading some of these off, you understand why.


Photo by Valeria Reverdo on Unsplash
Photo by Valeria Reverdo on Unsplash


Here are just a few of the letters he reads off:


  • Dear Mister Marine, Hurrah! I'm sorry you had to die for our country, but I really like our country, so I guess I'm glad you're dead.
  •  Dear Mister Soldier, I'm sorry that your girlfriend left you. That's what my dad says happens when those idiots go overseas. (which Pat says is sadly true).
  • Dear Mister Sailor, when I grow up I'm going to be a soldier just like you so I can kill people too!


That was only a few of the insane letters he read. Pat mentions this too, but honestly, how did no one think to proofread these letters before collecting them to ship out? If you want to read the rest, his Tiktok is posted below.


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